Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yosemite: Wawona and Mariposa Grove

On Monday, 10-13-08, Glacier Pass Road re-opened and we went up to the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias You really have to be there to get the actual size of these trees. Photos really do not show how big they are actually. There were Wood Peckers and Blue Jays in the trees and squirrels running on the ground. And lots of big pine cones just waiting to add a big dent to you car.

After the Redwoods, we stopped at the Wawona Hotel. It is very cute and has a variety of rooms, from ones with a shared bath for just a bit more than a cabin in Curry Village to private rooms with bathrooms. For the first time on the trip, we all took off our winter coats and could just wear t-shirts! We had cheese and crackers there, sorry about the Danish Blue Cheese in your cooler Leon.

We stopped next door at the Pioneer Center. I had never been there before, it was very interesting with buildings from the old homestead days moved to this location. There is even a horse drawn wagon for guest rides. We took the drive up Glacier Point road and looked down 4000 feet to our campground below, we also put our jackets back on! The air was thin and we were tired, we headed back to Tunnel View to watch the Moon Rise. It was a nice end to a great trip with a bunch of great people!

Now, where to next......

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