Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween's Rainy Weekend

A rainy weekend might not seem very exciting to most, but here we get so little rain, it is a fun opportunity. Thankfully, for the beauty of nature than for it's destructive side. After the GAP fire, we know that too much rain too fast is going to cause mudslides, debris flows and a lot mess.

Friday night brought a sky that looked fitting for Halloween, the fingers of clouds, the breaks and the colors. And a treat for me, with the wrong lens a long of course, migrating geese on the Sand Piper Golf course greens. Guessing the golfers were not so thrilled to have them there, kind of a new kind of hazard.

Saturday started overcast with a few showers. On my walk, I noticed the flowers sparkling in the morning light. I was hoping for more rain overnight and was happy to wake up to sound of rain missing the gutters.

I found the Day Lily out front in a beam of light. The roses were dripping as well. I was lucky to have gotten these photos, as the wind picked up and dried the flowers shortly after taking these photos.

More images are here

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