Friday, January 9, 2009

Monterey ~ Cannery Row ~ Pacific Grove

I am back....finally! Between work, holidays and a crashed computer, I have been otherwise occupied.

I was also really in need of a break and some quality photography time. While debating options for a weekend away, the Monterey Peninsula was an easy choise. With the economy as it is, the fires that scorced so much of the hills and the time of year; hotels had lots of vacancy and good deals. A small group of us met and stayed with in a quick walk from Cannery Row and the Aquarium.

I think next trip, one of these Bed and Breakfasts will be calling my name. They have such a nice view and really unique rooms from what I can see on their websites and

Monterey is a great get away with more than you can see or do in a weekend.

The Aquarium is worth the trip, even if I did not go this time (photo tip-those old fashioned rubber lens hoods held against the glass of the tanks will reduce the reflection)

There are birds and marine animals to see up close and this time of year, the whales are mirgrating too.

A glass bottom boat gives tours as well

The lighthouse, Fishermans Wharf, Surf, Beaches and of course fine dining are just a part of the options of things to do.


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  2. Nice pictures I really think your bed and breakfast idea is wonderful !!
    Keep up the great blog site, I really enjoyed it !!
    If you have time please stop by and say hi at my Monterey Blog at....The Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network Thanks LaVern Willams

    P.S. We go out on the Glass Bottom Boat a Lot...hope to see you there some day...take care !!