Monday, February 2, 2009

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge Hearts 09

I hope I am doing this right, this is my first entry in to the Bloggers Community Photo Challenge

This is my entry:

Heart of Stone


  1. I love this!!! Just a dash of color, & simple.... Lovely!
    Welcome, glad you joined in~

  2. Seeing if this is going threw..

  3. OK.. had a hard time getting something to post.. Love the heart by the way. Very creative

  4. Thank you!!!!

    You might laugh, but I have held on to this rock for years, my heart of stone.

    It took this topic to get me to take it back to the beach. The first big wave I thought the ocean had reclaimed it, but it held strong and it is back home.

  5. Carol...I am so happy that this stone didn't get whooshed back into the ocean and that it still has its happy home at your place. I love the simplicity factor. Finding a heart shaped rock is so unique. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!