Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coyote Springs Ranch

On Wednesday, February 18th, got up super early for a nice drive to take pictures for Charlie Phillips in Mariposa. The Amgen Tour of California was running from Merced on Hwy 140 right past Cathey's Valley and Mariposa on their way to Clovis.

The day was perfect, blue sky and white puffy clouds and not too hot or cold, a big change from the weather just the day before.

Since Charlie could not be everywhere at once, we were covering the riders in Cathey's Valley at the Coyote Springs Ranch. The ranch is a working cattle and guest ranch. Beautiful green hills, a penning ring, party barn and more!

Theresa Castaldi from the Coyote Springs Ranch had put out the flags and made sure the ranch was looking great.
The sun was not cooperating, it wanted to be in the wrong place to shoot the faces of the riders and the ranch as well. But the sun was moving to suit the photographic it had to be shot at a different angle that hoped.
Waiting on the riders, hoping for that clear shot of Lance Armstrong, but knowing from a previous Amgen Tour, they would zip by fast had everyone hoping for a great view of the race. They tour with a big collection of support cars, photographers, marshalls and other people not on bikes...... I was hoping that the cars would not be blocking the view and that the riders would be spread out.
Luck was on our side, the support cars were not blocking even though they rode the opposite side of the streets fog line, they were still in a smaller bunch, but spread out a bit. Lance was hard to see, but if you looked really hard you could see a bit of his helmet, but for me that was okay. I was shooting the race passing the ranch, not sporting news.
It was a fun shoot with very nice people! I am looking forward to visiting the Coyote Springs Ranch in the future and hope to see it full of guests enjoying the beauty of the area. More photos are here.

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  1. Carol, I really like this black and white work of yours. The subject matter really lends itself to that look. -- Carol Leigh