Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Now that I posted how to make a lighting kit on the cheap, I am going to post the photos I took with my real strobes.

We are looking forward to rain this week, a good time to clean up the patio planter and get ready for spring. I had driven past Home Depot and noticed that they had Tulips. I never buy them, but they were calling me.

They were nice models for $4 and are now living their retirement in my planter. More photos of them are here I found a couple of other plants with a bloom on them they are posted over here, I went to my favorite nursery that has the more unique plants. I was really looking for some more natives. I picked up a couple, hmmm guessing Icelandic Poppies are not too native, and headed home to plant them. One looked familiar but the Latin name was not, the label said low flowering plant, so I bought a pony pack. Google showed me that I had bought Columbines, I love them so I was happy. When I cleaned up the planter bed, I discovered my three Columbines from last year that were so happy and bloomed for so long, had sowed seeds and I already had a planters full. So I am going to have a lot of Columbines to photograph later!

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