Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carmel California

On the way back from the weekend Monterey trip, we had to stop in Carmel. I was thinking of my east coast friends while walking through the streets. Betty, Rebecca and Vicki would love staying, dining and people watching here.

It is an arty town, full of rules and regulations on how buildings must look. As frustrating as that may be for some business owners, it makes visiting Carmel like going to a very special place.

We stopped in the Weston Gallery and enjoyed some interesting prints, wandered a few streets and stopped for a great cup of coffee to go.

It was getting late and as much as we did not want the weekend to end, driving Highway 1 in the dark is not nearly as fun (or safe) as having some light. Besides, we had either a lighthouse or waterfall to shoot for sunset.

We stopped for some whale watching and missed the sunset at the waterfall, but it was okay cause we got the lighthouse at sunset instead.

Next trip up there will have to include more time, the Carmel Mission is an incredible place well worth spending time.

There were more galleries to visit and of course......some fine dining to be had!

I was having fun with my new "happy snappy" point and shoot camera too.


  1. Carol you are sooooooo right. I am ready to come back as soon as I get the OK to fly.

  2. that little town looks so welcoming and cozy! Makes me want to buy a coffee and just sit and do nothing there. I love how you captured that in your pictures!

  3. Carol...LOVE the photos and you're so right--I'd really love walking around there. Will let you know when I'll arrive. :)