Saturday, January 17, 2009

Point Sur Light Station

The Sunday end of the weekend trip back home, was down Highway 1. I love the drive, there is so much to see. First stop was in Carmel, more on that in a different post, coffee was needed and then off down the road.

Coming around a corner, whales were spouting as they migrate along the coast. Even though they were far out to sea, it was incredible to see them and in the numbers that were there.

I figured they were enjoying the coast as well. Since it was getting late, it only seemed appropriate to watch the sunset over the Point Sur Light Station after all, we had spent a lot of time shooting the Point Pinos Lighthouse.

Point Sur is now a State Park with limited tours available, info at , I have taken the tour in the past. Do not let a foggy day stop you from going, the fog on the light is really special. The Lightstation is in the process of being restored and is really worth the visit and braving the walk UP the road to the top.

There is a beautiful beach with waves that roll as they come in, I think I could sit and watch for a long time.
The dawn photo is from a summer trip; I made my boys roll out of the tent before the sun and drive from our campground in the redwoods at Pfeiffer Big Sur, they did not appreciate the sunrise as much as I did. We watched as the sun slowly touched the hills and lit the rock with the light station on top.

Sunday, 1-18-09, the light house is having a whale watching picnic after the shorted tour of the light station. I would love to be sitting there
watching the whales again and enjoying the view of the lantern room from the hill top. Maybe
next time........
We stopped at Ragged Point for another cup of coffee.
And still managed to make back to Pismo in time for clam chowder at the Splash Cafe.
More photos from the trip and light station are here:
And even more photos from previous trips:

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