Friday, January 16, 2009

Point Pinos Lighthouse

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Saturday, January 3rd was a good day to sleep too late and then go for a drive to the Lighthouse in Pacific Grove. The Lighthouse is open for tours from 1 to 4pm Thursday to Monday, since it was 12:30 the best thing seemed to drive around to the beach side and take a look from that angle. The light was good and if you hurried, you could get a shot off with out a golf cart load of people.

Another photographer came up to see what we were looking at, turns out I had been to his gallery when he had it open in Santa Barbara. Dan Merekel, , was shooting with his 6x17. He has some incredible night exposures on his website.

We had a nice visit with him and met up again when the gates opened and we could get closer to the lighthouse.

He went on to shoot the 17-mile drive Lone Pine, we took the lighthouse in the dark.

We were so busy talking, we forgot to take the tour, but the light house is decorated for the period.

It was built in 1855 and is currently surrounded by a golf course. Often your photos can include the local deer enjoying the greens.

For more information on the lighthouse

For more of my photos of the Point Pinos Lighthouse

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